Aveen Bannon
Aveen Bannon, Bsc. (Hons)
(Human Nutrition and
Dietetics), H Dip DBSIT,
M.I.N.D.I Consultant
'Kelkin’s philosophy of providing wholesome natural foods, makes healthier choices easier for consumers. Their reader friendly nutrtional labelling helps people make the healthy choice. My job as a nutritionist is to understand how the body works and deals with food. My work with Kelkin is to guide consumers and endeavour to help them make the right food choices for their health'.
Aveen Bannon
Anne Manning,
Coeliac Society of Ireland
'It is with great pleasure that I recall my connections with Kelkin Foods since the late 70´s when Ken Kinsella set up the Dublin based company and also with Bernard Rooney down through the years. Kelkin was one of the pioneers of the healthy food revolution in Ireland, they would have been one of the first companies to bring rice cakes into the gluten free market, which are still a staple food for many coeliacs. The company has shown a strong commitment and passion for providing healthier options to consumers and the popularity and availability of their products reflects this. Kelkin provides healthy food choices as well as a vast range of pharmaceutical products suitable for the gluten free diet. They have been the distributor for the Ultrapharm range of gluten free products for many years as well as the Kallo and Whole Earth cereals, these days they have a great range of gluten free dietary products available under the Kelkin label, featured in the Coeliac Society's Food List 2008 - Bread Mix, Breads and Pizza Bases, Biscuits, Gluten Free Porridge & Muesli, Muffins, Rice Cakes in different varieties, these products are widely available in most supermarkets and health shops throughout the country, some of the products are available to coeliacs under the GMS Scheme. I wish Kelkin Foods every success in the future and thank them most sincerely on behalf of the Coeliac Society for all the support they have given to the Society through the years'.
Aveen Bannon
Robert Taylor
Marketing Director,
Vitabiotics Ltd.
"Vitabiotics has enjoyed an excellent business relationship with Kelkin for many years, as the exclusive distributors of our leading nutritional range in the Republic of Ireland. By working in close cooperation we have consistently achieved year-on-year sales growth of over 30% in the market".
Aveen Bannon
Phil Walker
Export Manager,
GR Lanes Health Product Ltd.
"Kelkin has been distributing our brands for almost 30 years in the Irish market. Over that time they have developed our Olbas and Kalms brands, achieving strong distribution in the traditional Pharmacy and Health Food sectors. In recent years they have also moved our brands into the ever growing Grocery Sector as well as successfully introducing new and innovative products to the market such as Litozin and Sarakan.We are looking forward to more success with Kelkin in the future as the introduction of new products, combined with on-going investment in our brands, continues".
Aveen Bannon
Gioia Giacobazzi
Export Area Manager,
"Filippo Berio is an international brand, present in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our success is due also to our local partners. Kelkin has been our partner since 1992 - more than 15 years of collaboration and among our distributors, has been one of the best in spreading the healthy olive oil culture, bringing the Filippo Berio brand to a very successful position in the Irish market. For this reason we thank all of the Kelkin staff for their wonderful job, wishing them and the company all the best for their future!".
Aveen Bannon
Declan Mackle
Trading Controller,
Alpro - A company of the Vandermoortele Group
"For a brand moving into the mainstream retail market it is important that consumers know us and see us. In the last 2 years we have seen good results from Kelkin's professional approach to Category Management. Our brand is visible which helps build awareness. This makes life easy for our consumers to both find and purchase our brand across a number of product groups".